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Full Clear ToC 10!!
Apr 10, 10 8:19 PM
New Vent!
Apr 7, 10 2:58 AM
Northrend Beasts, Lord J and Ony!
Mar 28, 10 11:25 PM
Obsidian Sacntum 10 pwnt!
Mar 25, 10 11:42 AM
Onyxia has been slain!
Mar 22, 10 5:03 AM
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Service Updates

Welcome to Endless Bloodlust!

We are in the first stages of being a guild. Recruiting

looking for all classes and specs

What We're about:

We are pretty laid back, tight knit group. We're planning on getting a fairly solid 10 man group together, but we're not hell bent elitests. At the moment we are still determining good times to raid during the week.

We are also determined on developing a great guild system, where a guildmate can earn his/her trust with the guild and share in the guild's wealth and leadership.
We're also able PvP'ers, who love battlegrounds and the occasional arena group.

Most of all, what we're trying to accomplish with this guild is FUN. so please follow the Guild Rules that are posted in the Forums. The guild rules are just there so that people don't take advantage of the officers, or other guildmates..  making it a more enjoyable guild for everyone.
Our Experience:

All of the officers have been around since the game started so we're very familiar with the mechanics of the game. Also, we've had a raiding guild before, (Pre-BC) and have raided in seperate guilds during/after BC.

Other Guild News

Full Clear ToC 10!!

cam_malorne, Apr 10, 10 8:19 PM.
Thursday night we had a 10 ToC raid, which we cleared within about 2 hours...

the best thing about it we had very few wipes!!!

0 wipes on Northrend Beasts
0 wipes on Jaraxxsus
0 wipes on faction champions
2 wipes on twins
0 wipes on Anub'arak

we then followed up with a quick VoA 10! :D

Everyone worked really well together and im stoked to do it again soon.. If we keep up this kind of teamwork I see ToGC and ICC in our near future!!!!

New Vent!

cam_malorne, Apr 7, 10 2:58 AM.
Guild vent is up as of today! :D

For information on connecting check guild info in the game

(must have vent client program 3.0.5)

Northrend Beasts, Lord J and Ony!

cam_malorne, Mar 28, 10 11:25 PM.
our list of kills continues to grow...

Lord Jaraxxus
Northrend Beasts

Congrats to Hellbent's promotion to butcher!

Also, vent is up and coming to help us with more ownage power

Obsidian Sacntum 10 pwnt!

Bdubb85, Mar 25, 10 11:42 AM.
Last night we decided to take 6 guildies and some random pickups to OS 10, mostly for the achievment and fun! We did great didnt wipe once! GOOD JOB ALL. Now im hopeing as we get better we can leave a drake or two in slowly until we can fight sarth with 3 drakes (which is incredably hard).

Onyxia has been slain!

cam_malorne, Mar 22, 10 5:03 AM.
Congrats to everyone who came with us to our first official kill of Onyxia as a guild! I'm especially proud and greatful for everyones great attitudes and patience! well done everybody!

Nemesis Skullcover (Item)
Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack (Item)
Glinting Azuresong Mageblade (Item)
Faceguard of Wrath (Item)
Head of Onyxia (Item)
Ashen Sack of Gems (Item)

We then followed up with ToC10 and had many great attempts on the Northrend Beasts. We were not able to kill them, however we all learned alot about the fights and were very close on several occasions.. They were definatly confusing to us as a full raid of first timers, but I believe that next time we'll have a much greater advantage

Most of all, it was a great time! I definatly had alot of fun with everyone and hope that people can make it again to next time for more endless bloodlust awesomeness!
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